SSI Freediving Level One Course

SSI Freediving Level One Course

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Freediving is a unique way to experience the underwater world, it is a peaceful and enjoyable way to explore and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is a fast-growing sport that can be both challenging and rewarding. The SSI Level 1 freediving course is the perfect entry point was those wanting to begin freediving to depth in the open water. The course is for beginners and will give you the knowledge, skills, and abilities to safely free dive in the open water up to a depth of 20m.

We will cover the following in-depth:

Your Freediving Equipment:

Understanding the differences between equipment, how we use this equipment, why we use this equipment and how to choose the correct equipment for yourself.

Freediving Skills:

You will learn the necessary skills for enhancing your freediving abilities, you will also learn how to competently perform skills to rescue yourself and others making yourself safe in the water but also a reliable buddy.


We cover the effects of freediving on the human body and how we can understand these effects to improve our ability in the water.

Freediving in your local environment:

Learning our local environment is vital in being safe in the water, New Zealand has a unique and diverse environment which is important to understand to be safe in the water.

Explore the underwater world without all the bulky SCUBA gear. This program provides you with the training and knowledge required to safely free dive with a buddy in open water environments to depths of 20 meters. You will earn the SSI Level 1 Freediving certification after completing this program.

This course consists of:

  • Online theory
  • An evening theory session
  • An evening pool session
  • 2 open water days
  • Includes 1 day boat diving
  • Minimum Age:12
    Certification Prerequisites:Must be able to swim.
    Academic Sessions:Online training
    Pool/Confined Water Sessions:2+
    Open Water Dives:2+
    Maximum Training Depth:20 meters / 65 feet for divers of age 15+
    Suggested Duration:16 - 20 hours

    Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information