XR Bi-Laminate Drysuit

XR Bi-Laminate Drysuit

NZD $2,889.00

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Dry Suit Kevlar with Silicone ST Seals

  • New exclusive dedicated purge and inflation valve
  • New super light (<2.8kg) breathable bilaminate
  • Kevlar type protection on shoulders, behind knees and shins
  • Enhanced design for maximum flexibility
  • 2 YKK front shifted plastic zippers: 1 heavy duty plastic zip and a new YKK 'Aquaseal Dry' zip
  • Adjustable drawstring waist and crotch strap
  • Adjustable pre-mounted elastic large and comfortable suspenders
  • Embedded boots in 4mm neoprene with a rigid sole
  • Reinforced boot instep and adjustable Velcro strap for perfect closure
  • 2 self-draining, four-compartment pockets, closed with a high-strength zip and equipped with multiple bungees inside
  • Piping around the pocket flap for better grip
  • Dry seal around neck and complete neck coverage from the hood to avoid water exposure
  • Special carpet bag