HMNZS Canterbury Wreck

HMNZS Canterbury Wreck

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Explore the HMNZS Canterbury, the impressive 113 metre ex-naval frigate that lies in Deep Water Cove

  • The ship sits perfectly upright with the propellers being in close to 40 metres
  • She was purposely sunk in 2007 as an artificial reef, with the entire bay designated as a 'no-take' zone in an attempt to encourage marine life on the wreck
  • As she is upright, she is fairly easy to navigate and the outer deck can be explored over two dives
  • The wreck is covered in life, despite only being sunk just over a decade ago
  • Schools of Maomao, Snapper, Kingfish are common
  • Not uncommon to see dolphins in Deep Water Cove
  • Like the Waikato Wreck, the Canterbury can be penetrated and explored from within, including a swim through from the bridge through to the hangar
  • As this is a deeper dive site, it is not recommended for Open Water Divers however this dive, when completed with an instructor, can be counted towards an Advanced Certification
  • Typically leaves from Opua Marina
  • The trip is approximately 45 minutes from Opua Marina