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Suunto Cobra combines several technological innovations into one product It is the only air-integrated dive computer with air, Nitrox, and gauge modes complete with profile memory on the market In addition to the extensive information provided by the Vyper, the Cobra displays cylinder pressure and estimated remaining air time The air-consumption of a dive is stored as a used-pressure value in the logbook memory for future reference

The Cobra offers the new Suunto Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM), which is a unique algorithm for predicting both dissolved and free gas in the blood and tissues of divers This development combines the latest knowledge in diving technology with the classic Haldane model The advantage of the RGBM is its ability to adapt to a wide variety of diving situations For added safety, the Cobra features the original Suunto innovations: separate three-step persona and altitude adjustments
  • Complete decompression stop data.
  • Separate 3-step altitude and personal adjustments for more tailored settings.
  • Dive simulator and dive planner.
  • User-defined alarms for maximum depth and dive time
  • Visual and audible alarms.
  • Automatic safety stop countdown.
  • An electro-luminescent backlight which lights up automatically when important alarms are given.