Start Diving Essentials

Start Diving Essentials

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Oceanic Viper Fins

Precision blend of hydrodynamics and materials technology for ultimate comfort, efficiency and performance. The VIPER FULL FOOT blade's Flexible Power Thrust Channel directs water off the tip of the blade for improved power and efficiency. The engineered channels and side rails direct water flow off the tips of the fin without allowing water to "spill" from the sides of the blade for uncompromising power and efficiency.

Oceanic Oceanvu Mask

Superior materials, technology & design come together in the OceanVu to give you the best visibility, fit & comfort possible in a dive mask. Wear the OceanVu mask during your dives and see more ocean than ever before.

Oceanic Arid Snorkel

A patent pending deflector helps to keep the Oceanic Arid snorkel as dry as a desert, even in waves and wind. The dry top deflector reduces water entry, the oversized purge valve makes for easy clearing, and a 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece fits snuggly on every adventure.

  • Patent pending dry top deflector reduces water entry
  • Drop away flex mouthpiece
  • Oversized purge valve for easy clearing
  • Bare S-Flex 5mm Boots

    The newly introduced Bare 5mm S-Flex boot is a welcome addition to their leading exposure protection line, with the thick, wider sole and durable zipper; this boot is great for our harsh New Zealand terrain.

  • 5 mm S-Flex Boots
  • Great for diving cold/moderate water temps
  • Heavy-duty zipper with wide gusset and low placement for easy entry
  • Reinforced toe and heel cap
  • Durable non-slip vulcanized soles
  • Rubber reinforced hook-and-loop zipper stop tab
  • Heel fin strap retainer