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Duo, Arid & Oceanvu Combo

Duo, Arid & Oceanvu Combo

NZD $199.00

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Fin Size
Perfect for your holiday, combine the Oceanic Oceanvu, Arid & Oceanreef Duo Fins

Oceanic Ocean Vu

  • Ultra-clear, medical-grade, liquid silicone
  • Superior ultra-clear optical glass
  • SureFit buckle tensioning system evenly distributes tension for a more secure seal and greater comfort.
  • Quick adjusting sliding buckles allow simple, fine adjustments and release of the strap.
  • Ultra light weight and low internal volume for dramatically improved field of vision – up, down and side-to-side.
  • Rubberized frame inserts improve grip to aid clearing.
  • Textured and easy to squeeze nose pocket allows one handed equalization.

Ocean Reef DUO Travelling Fins

Lightweight, easily adjustable and travel friendly make Ocean Reefs DUO travelling fins a great reliable snorkelling solution.

These fins are both suitable for both the experienced and inexperienced snorkeler making them a travel essential. Fitted with a quick release adjustable strap, these fins are comfortable and secure on the user.

Ocean Reefs unisex fins have comfortable foot pocket for most foot sizes 4.5-13, with a neoprene bad on the heel of the fin, the user finds it easy to wear for long swims. These lightweight, easy-to-wear fins are constructed from composite rubber and plastic, the fins are ventless giving the user maximum propulsion and manoeuvrability whilst keeping the fin lightweight and travel friendly. The fins are packaged in a matching transparent bag with shoulder straps for easy carrying and mesh bottom for drying.

Oceanic Arid Snorkel

A patent pending deflector helps to keep the Oceanic Arid snorkel as dry as a desert, even in waves and wind. The dry top deflector prevents water entry, the oversized purge valve makes for easy clearing, and a replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece fits snuggly on every adventure.

For further colour customization, please contact us or put details in purchase.

Duo Fins

  • Lightweight Design
  • Comfortable Foot Pocket
  • Quick release strap
  • Neoprene strap pad