Hollis Butt Plate

Hollis Butt Plate

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The Hollis butt plate is for the diver using a back mount system looking to add a side mount cylinder. The butt plate attaches using the high-quality stainless steel book screws to the diver's backplate. This means the mounting points for the side mount cylinders are out of the way of the BCD, Rebreather, or other utilities. Due to the positioning of the mounts, donning in water and on land is an easy task; within most divers range of motion.

The butt plate is constructed from reinforced nylon to make a stiff and durable connection between the cylinders, Alongside the stainless steel mounts; the plate also features 4 rust-resistant stainless steel grommets.

  • Designed for Side-Mounting Stage, Re-Breather or Bailout Bottles
  • Shape Places Tank Attachment Points at Edge of Diver's Body
  • Reinforced Nylon Construction For Reinforced Cylinder Mounting
  • Rigidity Holds Cylinders Securely
  • Two Stainless Steel Mounts for Tank Attachment
  • Stainless Steel Assembly Screws for Securing Butt-Plate to Back-Plate
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Grommets