Mares Sniper Pro 75

Mares Sniper Pro 75

NZD $259.99

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The Mares Sniper Pro is a simplistic robust speargun that sits above the Bandit in features. Made from a rigid anodized aluminum barrel with an upper shaft guide and lower line guide the Sniper is a reliable and capable gun. Have precision on your dives with the ultra-sensitive trigger mechanism with stainless steel trigger and ergonomic grip.


  • Rigid anodized aluminum barrel with upper shaft guide and lower line guide
  • Highly sensitive trigger mechanism in inverted position
  • New stainless steel trigger
  • Preformed handle with new highly functional anatomical grip
  • Speed shaft: 7 mm hardy Tahitian shaft with single wing tip
  • Two 16 mm s-power speed circular bands with dyneema® spinner
  • Variety of lengths