SSI Basic Freediver Course

SSI Basic Freediver Course

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Freediving offers maximum excitement and endless opportunities; freediving is one of the fastest-growing and unique water sport and leisure activities in the world today. The sports philosophy is irresistible, it is one of enjoyment and relaxation. It promotes a health and fitness-based lifestyle and everyone can embrace freediving and benefit from the amazing pleasures of the underwater world. Whether it is at depths of 5 meters or well beyond, freediving is accessible to all ocean enthusiasts. By studying with us, you will be able to start freediving in Auckland and New Zealand wide. Knowing exactly what is required to keep yourself safe while diving.

The SSI Basic freediving course will teach you the basics of freediving through online learning, a classroom session, and an afternoon at a pool in one day. The course aims to give you a foundation of skills so you can explore the underwater world. We cover physiology, Basic freediving equipment, basic freediving skills, and your local environment. You do not need any prior snorkeling experience, however, you must have the ability to confidently swim and are comfortable in the water. The minimum age is 12 and requires a medical form to be completed.

Becoming an SSI Freediver is the best way to start your underwater adventure with worldwide recognition!