Stahlsac Storm Dry Sack (60 litre)

Stahlsac Storm Dry Sack (60 litre)

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Getting your clothes and valuables wet can ruin a trip, but the Stahlsac 60L Storm Dry Sack is a great way to ward against water, mud and debris. Offered in various sizes to suit a diversity of needs, the Storm Sack comes equipped with a detachable should sling strap so you can haul your gear hands-free. Opaque ripstop siding enables simplified gear retrieval and fully welded seams prevent undue leakage. Just stash your clothing or essentials inside, roll the top, clip it shut and go.

  • Stahlsac Storm Dry Sac:
  • Wet Gear Can Put a Damper On-a-Trip, Quickly
  • First Defense Against Water, Debris and Other Unwanted Additions
  • Offered in Variety of Sizes, Should Match Every Need
  • Tough Nylon Shell Material, Pliable, Highly Resistant to Abrasion and Puncture
  • Urethane Coating, Waterproof Inside and Out
  • All Seams Radio Frequency (RF) Welded
  • Superior Waterproof Protection Compared to Taped and Sewn Seams
  • Semi-Opaque Rip Stop Panel for Easy Location of Contents
  • Handy Detachable Carry Strap w/Robust Fixings Top & Bottom of Bag
  • Roll Top Closure: Squeeze-Style" Side-Release Buckle
  • Available in 3-Capacities:
    12 liter (732 cu. in. )
    30 liter (1,831 cu. in.)
    60 liter (3,661 cu. in.)