SSI Deep Diver

SSI Deep Diver

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New Zealand has an abundance of world-class dive sites, however, many of these sites are out of reach for the entry-level diver as they reach beyond 18 meters. These sites offer their own surreal environments, such as the pinnacles at the Hen & Chicks where you can see 30 meters below at a changing environment and diverse marine life.

Going past this depth brings an entirely new environment for the diver to enjoy, but also an entirely new set of safety considerations. The SSI Deep diver specialty gives you the level of training to safely dive beyond 18 meters to 40.

Your deep diver course builds on your current knowledge and adds the needed safety considerations such as:

  • The specialized equipment needed
  • Additional dive planning
  • Gas supply management
  • Communication
  • Physiology of the human body at depth
  • The course has an eLearning component and 3 dives usually over two days. Using our purpose-built dive boat, we run the course at a variety of locations, the Poor Knights, Hen & Chicks, or if combining with the SSI wreck course the Canterbury wreck/Waikato wreck.

    Combining your deep course with the SSI wreck diver course is a common choice for our students, the majority of New Zealand's wrecks sit past 18 meters making deep training a great step in exploring what New Zealand has to offer.

    Take a step towards redundancy and strap on another cylinder. The recreational sidemount course allows you to dive with up to two cylinders and teaches you to be safe and confident in a side mounting configuration.

    As is the norm in wreck and cave diving, sidemount equipment configuration is now being discovered by more and more divers. The simple, pleasant and weightless dive without the burden of the diving equipment to weigh down on the back - who wouldn't want to experience this?

    This course is spread across two evenings (one classroom based & one pool based) and a full weekend where you will complete three dives.

    Minimum Age:12
    Certification Prerequisites:Open Water Diver
    Pool/Confined Water Sessions:1
    Open Water Dives:3
    Maximum Training Depth:30 meters / 130 feet
    Suggested Duration:10 - 15 hours

    Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information