SSI Independent Diver

SSI Independent Diver

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Self sufficiency can enhance a divers safety in any situation, whether you’re diving in a big group of divers or not, being able to solve your own problems through redundancy can make you safer in the water, but also a more valuable buddy.

The Independent Diver program gives the knowledge and skills needed to safely and confidently dive without a designated buddy whilst using a redundant gas supply and equipment to ensure safety.

This is an advanced and equipment intensive course. It requires experience in deep, navigation and night & limited visibility as well as the Diver Stress and Rescue certification.

This is a two day course that includes a pool session and two dives.

Minimum Age:18
Certification Prerequisites:Night & Limited Visibility, Navigation, Deep Diving and Stress & Rescue Certification, 75 dives totalling 50 hours or more
Pool/Confined Water Sessions:1
Open Water Dives:2
Maximum Training Depth:30 meter / 100 feet
Suggested Duration:10 - 15 hours

Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information