SSI Full Face Mask Diver

SSI Full Face Mask Diver

NZD $399.00

Or 6 payments of $66.50 What's this?

Full face mask diving is becoming more and more popular in the diving community as time goes on, and there is good reason for this. Full face masks offer many benefits from entry-level divers to professionals. Here at Kiwidivers not only do we offer this course but we also have a fleet of hire masks for rent.

The SSI full face mask course will teach you skills, important safety procedures, and how to respond in an emergency for divers using this system, this course is usually taught in one day through a theory and pool session.

Enhanced Peripheral vision

With our Ocean Reef full face masks, due to the curved side windows; peripheral vision is drastically enhanced giving an almost 180-degree view.

Easy breathing

Prevent dry throats and increase breathing ease with a full face mask, divers can breathe both naturally through their nose and mouth. Many divers find this more natural and allow them to relax further conserving air.

Creates a barrier Especially for divers in water that is not well described as clean, the full mask prevents contaminants but also cold water from affecting your face. Especially in New Zealand where it can get cold, a full face mask can be a good investment.

Less fog

Most full face masks circulate air over the eye pocket meaning that it can be virtually impossible to fog up the mask when in use. This is a common problem for divers with traditional masks that is completely solved.

Prevent jaw fatigue Many divers, especially those on twin tanks or side mount finish a dive with jaw pain, for some, it's a common issue and can ruin a dives experience. Full face masks help prevent this due to no need of holding a mouthpiece in place.

Dive in comfort with a Full Face Mask. The full face mask keeps water off your face and can even be combined with communications systems, allowing you to stay in touch with your buddy and the boatman!

Minimum Age:10
Certification Prerequisites:Open Water Diver
Pool/Confined Water Sessions:1
Suggested Duration:5-10 hours

Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information