SSI Scooter/DPV Diver

SSI Scooter/DPV Diver

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Want to explore underwater James Bond style? The Scooter/DPV Diver course lets you travel effortlessly whilst minimising air consumption and looking badass at the same time.

This program is unique to the Seabob Scooter/DPV and provides you with skills and concepts required to safely plan and conduct dives using underwater scooters or diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs). You will learn the special precautions for using DPVs, how to maintain buddy contact and control your equipment, and how to safely enjoy the new experiences that a DPV dive provides. You will earn the SSI Seabob Diving Specialty certification after completing this program.

This is a two day course that includes a pool session and two dives.

Minimum Age:12
Certification Prerequisites:Open Water Diver
Academic Sessions:1
Pool/Confined Water Sessions:1 Optional
Open Water Dives:2
Maximum Training Depth:Varies with age
Suggested Duration:6 - 10 hours

Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information