SSI Coral Identification

SSI Coral Identification

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Coral reefs are vital for healthy oceans and they are stunning to dive – especially when you know more about these fascinating ecosystems. The SSI Coral Identification program provides all that you need to identify common families of coral species.

Coral reefs are prized among divers and rightly so; drifting over a healthy reef filled with bustling marine life is magical. These precious ecosystems are fascinating, and the SSI Coral Identification specialty program is the best way to learn more about coral reefs and get the most out of your reef dives.

In this coral dive specialty program, you will learn how to identify different corals and earn your SSI Coral Identification specialty certification.

The course is great preparation for your next trip abroad, learning about the abundant coral ecosystems of Australia, Rarotonga, and many more. Having this knowledge will give you an appreciation of the variety of life.

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SSI Ecology programs are available individually or in a bundle of 3/5. Increase your knowledge from home and be prepared for your next dive trip.

Minimum Age:10
Certification Prerequisites:Open Water Diver if in-water training is included
Academic Sessions:1
Pool/Confined Water Sessions:Optional
Open Water Dives:Optional
Maximum Training Depth:Optional
Suggested Duration:6 - 10 hours

Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information