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SSI Marine Ecology / Underwater Naturalist

SSI Marine Ecology / Underwater Naturalist

NZD $120.00 $99.00

Or 6 payments of $16.50 What's this?

There isn’t a diver out there that hasn’t had a moment passing marine life not knowing what it is or how it behaves. Often the most inconspicuous marine life is the most fascinating, which is why getting an understanding of what and how your local life behaves can enhance your dive and give you a nudge to notice spectacular behaviors.

This program provides a general understanding of the complex and exciting science of marine ecology, which is the study of how organisms interact with each other and the environment, the flow of energy through communities, and the link between ocean ecosystems. You will earn the SSI Marine Ecology Specialty certification after completing this program.

Top 4 Reasons Why

Prepare For Your Holiday

If you’re itching for your next holiday and can’t wait, get prepared in the meantime and learn about what you’re about to see. Making your holiday more memorable.

Getting Ready For Your Open Water Course

If your course is booked, you’ve finished your ELearning and still want more, increase your marine life knowledge and know what you’re looking at as you take your first steps into the underwater world.

Become An Aware Diver

Having an awareness of how marine life behaves can give you an awareness of your surroundings improving your knowledge of where to look, this can make your dive better but also improve your photography.

Help Others

Everyone that has dived on a dive boat, has seen the diver come up asking questions with joy as to what they saw, having the answers can make a memorable trip and even help expand your dive buddy list.

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