Why a Semi Dry? Well – all wetsuits get wet on the inside. In a typical wetsuit, the ocean gets in – your body warms it – and the ocean gets out again. Effectively YOU are heating the ocean (& shedding precious body heat and energy in the mix). A Semi-Dry resists this ‘flushing’ effect Read more about Bare 8/7mm VELOCITY ULTRA[…]

Bare 7mm Ultra Warmth Boots

The Bare 7mm Ultra Warmth Boots have the reputation of being some of the warmest booties on the market. The outstanding design is comfortable and soft, yet sturdy and built to withstand all conditions. These boots come in one 7mm thickness throughout, and come in all ranges of sizes (4 – 13). The Bare 7mm Read more about Bare 7mm Ultra Warmth Boots[…]

Bare AquaTrek AT1 Drysuit

Here at WaterJunkie, we’ve proudly stocked the Bare AT1 (Aquatrek) Drysuit for years. Our instructors have put this thing through the ringer. After faultless service and versatility, about the biggest complaint we get of the AT1 is diving wetsuits after enjoying the light-weight mobility and comfort of this Drysuit. With an engineered Cordura Nylon Oxford Read more about Bare AquaTrek AT1 Drysuit[…]