Hollis 500SE + DC7 Regulators

Old School. New Tech. The 500SE utilizes a servo controlled valve to provide precision airflow and unparalleled performance for both air and trimix divers in a side exhaust configuration. To achieve this, Hollis has perfected the original “lever-servo valve” we designed 35 years ago. Overbalanced diaphragm first stage also provides ideal hose routing for both Read more about Hollis 500SE + DC7 Regulators[…]

Hollis SMS75 BCD

The SMS75 is the ‘swiss army knife’ of BCD’s – extremely versatile – tough as hell – and customizable. As a rear inflation BCD this allows for a lot more movable room in the front, allowing you to feel less cluttered with equipment. The SMS75 allows for not only single tank use but twin tanks, Sidemount Read more about Hollis SMS75 BCD[…]

Hollis F1 LT (Lite) Fins

The Hollis F1 LT (Lite) fins come in one standard color (grey) however they have 4 available different sizes. Designed for technical diving, compact yet powerful enough to shift the biggest dudes through the water. Perfect for cave and wreck diving, these are stiff enough to allow more power to move in confined environments, without Read more about Hollis F1 LT (Lite) Fins[…]

Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather

It’s Big Boy Time! The Hollis Prism-2 Rebreather strikes you immediately with its function over form design. With alternative front or rear-mounted counter lungs the shape leaves more room for head movements. When paired with non-ditch able pockets on the tank bands, makes for ample weight for saltwater diving in a dry suit. In all Read more about Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather[…]

Hollis M1 Mask Review

When we dive, we want to be able to see everything. Having your mask fog up or leak half way through a dive is annoying to say the least. I was using mask after mask that felt uncomfortable, were leaking, fogging up and were overall not exactly enhancing my dive experience. That was until I Read more about Hollis M1 Mask Review[…]

Hollis SMS 75 Review

When it comes down to purchasing a BCD there are so many different options out there and it can get a bit confusing. After trying out multiple BCDs I was unsure on which way to go. That was until I tried the Hollis SMS 75. This really is a BCD that has been designed with Read more about Hollis SMS 75 Review[…]