OceanReef IDM (Integrated Dive Mask)

The IDM (Integrated Dive Mask) or ‘Full-Face-Mask’, once the remit of the Military, or Uber-Technical community is now mainstream. OceanReef has de-mystified the IDM with it’s range of masks, all ready to dive. With 3-products to choose from (G-Diver / Space Extender / Predator), and a myriad of accessories and colors to choose from.

Give up on Jaw Fatigue as you breath naturally through your nose and mouth, as the wrap-around visibility of the fog-free lens presents an almost stereoscopic experience in a way you’ve never seen before. A built in equalization system makes for comfortable clearing of the ears and a variable direction exhaust port ensures no-matter which way you’re body position, bubble won’t find their way in front of your camera lens. Ocean Reef has a snap-in eyeglass frame for those needing lenses creating a perfect solution for ocean photographers.

Included with a fully balanced second stage and ready to receive communication plug-ins, there’s really no reason not to bring top-flyte commercial quality diving equipment into your recreational diving.


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