Diver Propulsion Vehicles

ok … we’re doing this. Diver Propulsion Vehicles (or DPVs), are the pinnacle of cool when it comes to diver toys.


Roll up to the dive site with one of these bad-boys and you’re no longer expected to make polite conversation as stare into the distance and mumble your responses in single-sentences, because – hey – that guys got a DPV.

At WaterJunkie we stock the Aquaprop Lithium-Ion Dive Scooter (purpose built for travelling) alongside the Bonex Ecos and Reference RS Technical range.

A DPV destroys a surface swim and extends your time (and range) in the water, as it drags you effortlessly like Aquaman through the blue. Twinset getting you down? Love that rebreather – but just don’t get as far as you used to with it? A DPV will unwind all that on you like strapping a personal dolphin to your gear (don’t do that – that would be wrong). With a full range of accessories and ready to go. Rechargeable at home, presented in a ‘Batman-approved-Black’ and ready to twist you through the ocean, this is diving as we dreamt of it.

C’mon … you know you want to!



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