Atomic SV (Scupper Valve) 2 Snorkel

Ever wondered why a snorkel is so important? Ever seen those awesome dudes jumping out of Helicopters to rescue someone in a storm? They wear them. So there must be something to it.

The SV2 is designed to limit splashed water from entering the breathing tube, by combining the Scupper Valve lower section with the sleek looking SV2 Semi-Dry top.  SV2 is the perfect snorkel for rough or choppy water conditions.

The SV2 combines the same Scupper Valve lower section with the sleek and effective SV2 Semi-Dry top. The SV2 Semi-Dry top horizontal vents (1) are engineered to diffuse splashed water that would normally freely enter the snorkel top. The small gaps between the vanes (2) of the vent restrict water speed and droplet size and permit most of the splashed water to exit the special vents (3) without entering the breathing tube. Thus, you get less water in your snorkel. The SV2 is the perfect answer for rough or choppy water conditions.

That might just be the difference between an experience when surfacing some distance from the boat – or something more.


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