Hollis F1 LT (Lite) Fins

The Hollis F1 LT (Lite) fins come in one standard color (grey) however they have 4 available different sizes.

Designed for technical diving, compact yet powerful enough to shift the biggest dudes through the water. Perfect for cave and wreck diving, these are stiff enough to allow more power to move in confined environments, without barn-door geometry. Standard with spring heel straps for comfort, and easier to put on. Ventilation in the blade also reduces stress while accelerating water over the blade edge for a smoother kick. These are a half kilo lighter than the Hollis F1 fin, making the F1 lite more buoyant. Equipped with deep and tall foot pockets for drysuits.

These fins are extremely useful if you need a fin with a lot of power, without requiring big kicks in confined areas. Extremely easy to put on, useful when trying to gear up on a boat where you don’t have a lot of room. These are great all round blue water fins and are more durable than many others in its class.



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