Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather

It’s Big Boy Time!

The Hollis Prism-2 Rebreather strikes you immediately with its function over form design. With alternative front or rear-mounted counter lungs the shape leaves more room for head movements. When paired with non-ditch able pockets on the tank bands, makes for ample weight for saltwater diving in a dry suit. In all positions, the work of breathing is remarkably easy, and the gauges routing through the counter lung is tidy and convenient.

The Provided Shearwater Petrel computer is simple to use and readable at depth. The heads-up-display is bright and convenient with only one button.
The radial scrubber is simple to pack, reducing the cost of pre-packaged scrubber shipping. A clear Acrylic scrubber housing ensures your scrubber is in place and dry, and is able to be visually confirmed by your team mate throughout the dive.
Off the shelf conventional batteries for both the solenoids, HUD (heads up display) and computer makes it easy and cost-effective to always have those spare with you. Should your HUD go down during a dive, your computer still works. If your solenoid batteries fail, you can still manually add o2, making this one of the most robust units around.
The BOV (bail out valve) provided is an additional safety feature, removing coordination and complexity with a simply throw of the switch to abandon the loop onto open circuit.

This is a bombproof and enjoyable unit to dive, opening up the oceans without the limitations of open circuit. A truly remarkable unit, promising some remarkable diving.



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