Bare AquaTrek AT1 Drysuit

Here at WaterJunkie, we’ve proudly stocked the Bare AT1 (Aquatrek) Drysuit for years.

Our instructors have put this thing through the ringer. After faultless service and versatility, about the biggest complaint we get of the AT1 is diving wetsuits after enjoying the light-weight mobility and comfort of this Drysuit.

With an engineered Cordura Nylon Oxford 4-layer fabric and abrasive action paneling over the knees, it’s light-weight and flexible. This is the drysuit for those who don’t want to dive a drysuit. The breathability of the material comes in handy over surface swims and in current to get to dive sites you should probably really use a boat to get to.

Pat Bare AT1 Drysuit

Wrist seals and socks can be upgraded and the standard neoprene neck seal keeps your collar warm and dry.
With the Bare CT200 polar wear under suit, we’ve found this arrangement warm enough for a 90min dive in 12c water, and offers the versatility to structure layering into summer.

Drop in or call to speak to us about all season thermal protection that takes the question of temperature out of the equation. Proudly modelled by our in-house frogman, Pat.

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